Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Hello everyone! 

Those that know me know that I absolutely love my Mac lipsticks! They are so gorgeous and I definitely protect them with my life.

I've been 'collecting' these lipsticks since around October time, and today I thought I'd show you my opinion on what I've collected so far.

Reviews of the colours are below, if you'd like to see what they look like then you can watch the following video.

Frost - Meltdown: This is the most subtle colour I own, it's extremely gorgeous all year round and is definitely my go-to shade. It's super easy to wear and goes with almost any outfit. It has a creamy texture and isn't drying to wear, it's easy to apply, goes onto the lips smoothly and is also easy to remove. It's not the most durable but as it's a 'frost' and those aren't particularly pigmented it's very easy to re-apply. If you're not a re-apply kind of girl you're also in luck with this shade as it fades evenly and you can leave it to fade off naturally if you want to, without looking ridiculously patchy.

This lipstick gets a 10/10, I would highly recommend adding this to your make-up collection!

Frost - Bronze Shimmer: Not for the faint of heart this colour is exactly what it says on the tin, a bronze-gold shimmery lipstick. Not a daytime look in my opinion, apart from maybe at christmas time. However, this looks gorgeous when done right, I usually save this one for nights-out as it's not exactly a natural-looking colour. It's not quite as easy to apply as Meltdown and it's definitely not as subtle. I recommend using a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips before applying this one and/or using a good lip liner as a base otherwise you may end up looking a little dry and patchy.

Matte - Mocha: This and Meltdown were the first Mac lipsticks I ever bought, and to this day they remain my favourites. Mocha is everything Meltdown is just in a different colour. It isn't drying, it's sophisticated and gorgeous. Definitely my go-to when I want something slightly less subtle than Meltdown but something that suits me just as much. This, as with all of these lipsticks, probably will not work with all looks and skin tones, but if you have a skin-tone similar to mine, I definitely recommend giving this one a try. Once again this is a lipstick that fades evenly so when I forget to re-apply (which is often) I don't look like a complete mess!

Matte - Ruby Woo: Ahh the famous Ruby Woo. This one I acquired when looking for my first red by Mac, I wasn't at all sure what direction I wanted to go in but when a colleague told me this was a best seller, I decided to trust the numbers and give it a go for myself. I will say the colour is stunning, it's vibrant, it suits my skin tone, but its downfall is in the application department. I find this lipstick to be extremely dry which makes it a little difficult to apply. I find I have to wet my lips or somehow soften the lipstick before application. If you're looking for a moisturising lipstick, this is definitely not one for you, but like I said, the colour is amazing and that's enough for me.

Matte - So Chaud: This is another red but with more of an orange undertone. It tends to be that I save Ruby Woo for nights-out and this is the one that I'll apply during the day when I'm feeling particularly confident with my make-up choices. As with all of these colours, it looks gorgeous and thankfully it's not at all as dry as Ruby Woo so is much easier to apply. As they are far more pigmented than the others though, this and Ruby Woo do not fade particularly well and if you're planning to eat or drink (or if you're just the kind of person who licks their lips a lot) you will definitely need to re-apply these from time-time to avoid looking patchy.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Jordan and I finally reached our five year anniversary on April 14th 2016!

With me being in university, we sadly weren't able to celebrate on the day and instead chose to wait until I came home for the summer. So on May 10th 2016 we finally got to celebrate with a trip to Cardiff. 

It's not the most professional of videos, but we had a lot of fun making it and it'll make for a lovely memory to look back on!

Hope you enjoy!