Saturday, 6 February 2016

January Favourites

January has been the month of a very intense photography assignment, lots of time spent with Jordan, lots of shopping, starting my second term of university and did I mention LAZER TEAM!? NO? Well I will!

Let's dive right into the favourites.

Make-Up and Beauty

Mac Retro Matte - Ruby Woo: As Mac's most popular red lipstick. I thought this would be a perfect choice for my first red Mac purchase. I have no complaints, everyone knows I love Mac lipsticks and this is no exception.

Mac Matte - So Chaud: I seem to have a complex which involved being unable to only buy one lipstick at a time, so at the same time as I picked up Ruby Woo, I also picked up this one! It's more of an orangey-red and looks so lovely on! I find it makes me look older in a way, so it's definitely a shade for more formal occasions.


Accessorize Bag: I can't even remember how long I had my old Accessorize bag for, all I know is that I loved it but the strap started to look very worn and gross from the heavy use. So! I decided it was time to invest in a new one. I travelled to Accesorize Cardiff on multiple occasions looking for a replacement and luckily, I found the perfect one during the January sales! Down from £50 to £25.


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon: I haven't quite finished this book yet, but I started it in January and I already love it, it's a very interesting book and the way it's written is a major part of it's appeal. I would recommend this to anyone over the age of 15 due to mild swearing.


Lazer Team: Anyone who knows me, knows I have been waiting for this movie ever since RT released the crowd-funding for it. I was so, so happy with this film. It was exactly what I expected and I was so happy that even though it was a great large-scale production piece, it still felt like Rooster Teeth.


Chuck: I have no idea why I started re-watching Chuck this month, I think it's because Jordan and I only watch How I Met Your Mother together, so when I got back to uni I had nothing to watch. I highly recommend this series, it's absolutely hilarious and it's finished now so it's the perfect Netflix binge-watch.

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