Sunday, 20 December 2015

Day 19: Serendipity



Can you tell I'm excited?

Today I'm finally home for Christmas and it's been so lovely and hectic that this post is late. I blame Jordan.

Remember a few posts ago I talked about how much I wanted Indian food? Well we had a Tamarind today, and it was so much better than I remembered. I had the King Prawn Tikka Masala, just yes.

Jordan and I have finally been reunited and he is currently sat behind me playing with my hair (he can't see what I'm typing though).

We watched Serendipity today and it was glorious! We love this sort of film, and I just feel like films are better when you watch them with someone.

Overall I give Serendipity 5 Santa faces! (I can't actually put in the emojis right now, maybe later)

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