Friday, 18 December 2015

Day 18: Party Food

Surprise surprise I haven't watched The Holiday today... BUT I've actually been very busy! I spent the entire afternoon in university working on my photography assignment, which I'll finish sometime in January. I also got another result for an assignment today, and I got another 2:1!! So I'm extremely happy!

Now I am sat in front of an array of party food with some Peach Schnapps and mango juice, listening to Christmas songs and I don't plan on giving that up to go watch a movie today.

Update: The party food is gone.

I can't wait to go home tomorrow now, it's been decided that we're having a Tamarind (Indian Restaurant) and I'm just excited to be in my house where it's quiet and cosy, and i'm very happy that my parents are coming too pick me up because I would never be able to get all of my stuff on the train AND I get to take my TV home this way!

Anyway, my next post will be from my homeland of South Wales!

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